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ReoStem – the future of Allogenic Stem Cells.

ReoStem marks the beginning of a new era in allogenic stem cell technology. It has the potential to change the course and direction of stem cell research worldwide.

Pioneered by Dr. Geeta Shroff, the ReoStem platform has a unique profile. The culturing process produces both neuronal and non-neuronal progenitor cells. Cells are grown in an unadulterated culture system that is free from animal products and feeder cells. ReoStem cells do not generate teratomas or tumours and have proven to be safe. They do not require cross-matching or immunosuppression and are immune privileged. The technology is replicable-with cell lines established in the year 2000- no additional source is required for further cultures. Please click here for more information on ReoStem technology.

ReoStem adheres to stringent standards of advanced research.

The facilities are compliant with GCP (Good Clinical Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and GTP (Good Tissue Practices) and PAS 93:2011. Please click here for more information on Dr. Shroff.

“Our mission is to make allogenic stem cell-based ready-to-use products available globally"

Dr.Geeta Shroff

Founder and CEO

Dr.Geeta Shroff graduated from the University of Delhi and has been practising medicine for over three decades. She is highly trained in IVF and has worked in the multi-speciality hospitals Safdarjung Hospital and Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre, both in New Delhi. She established her independent practice in 1996 and is currently the Medical Director of Nutech Mediworld, a registered hospital in New Delhi.

Besides her clinical expertise in regenerative medicine, she is an authority in the culture of allogenic stem cells, including the derivation, expansion and storage of cell lines.

Dr. Shroff has published widely in peer reviewed, international journals and books in the field of regenerative medicine. She is regularly invited to present her research and clinical work at international workshops and conferences.